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Partak Company Services . . .



International Trading Group Partak is ready to import all licensed goods from all over the world into the country that in this regard, attempted to get direct representation of sales and after-sales services from a valid foreign companies in the United Arabic Emirates and Iran and ready to serve the valid governmental and private sectors.

(From inquiry competitive prices to deliver the load)


Business Services in importing:

  • 1.Setting the declaration information to get the best price on global commodity
  • 2.Delivering and declaration of documents such as LOI and invoice, packing list, Manifesto
  • 3.Match documents and determine assessor
  • 4.Evaluation and control of goods with the documents and billing.
  • 5.Methods of cash Payment and LC
  • 6.Transport and insurance, and licensing clearance


  • 7.Order Registration and clearance aff






International Trades Department Partak ready to cooperate and serve the valid public and private sectors with the aim of creating employment and import foreign exchange to the country and increase production, including public and private sectors in refining products, petrochemicals products, chemicals products, food and construction materials

Business Services in export:

1.  Marketing

2.  Issuing a permit.

3.  Determination of export price quoted by the pricing commission.

4. Issuance of Performa

5. Preparation, provision and packing.

6.  Receiving the commodity inspection certificate.

7. Issuance Invoices and obtaining the certification of origin.

8.  Contracting the insurance and transport

9. Declare the goods to customs.

10. Sending the goods

11.  Receive bills or certificates of deposit issued.


The necessary documents for export:

1.  Obtaining a valid commercial card by the name of exporter

2. Obtaining a license of issuance, if this is the commodity exports to the general agreement have not been announced, by the Ministry of Commerce.

3.  Obtaining the health and quarantine certificate (animal, vegetable - based on the case)

4.  Obtaining the standard certificate (if the product, subject to the mandatory provisions of the standard export).

5. Obtaining nuclear energy certificates (in the case) that this certificate can also be called customary.

6. Preparation for baling (Packing List) (if the product is different)

7. Certificate of carpet (just for handmade carpets)


* Other documents demanded by the country of destination or the foreign buyer are:

1. The certificate of origin:

To get the certificate of origin refer to the Chambers of Commerce, Industries and Mines, by holding a copy of the customs declarations and the declarations for goods.

2. Carnet TIR:

TIR Carnet is a notebook shall be issued for the goods to crossing by truck from Member States, without exact inspection and without supply and receive the rights and duties.

3. Invoice or list purchase:

Shopping list or invoice are the bills, that is mentioned, at that date, name and address of the purchaser and the vendor, order number or contract number The number or quantity or description of goods, unit price, total price, type of contract goods listed in customs tariffs

4.  Bill of lading

generally, the bill of lading is an original document transferring of the goods ownership from the seller to the buyer, and has various types such as air, sea truck, through .

5. The certificate of inspection:


A document issued by one of the international inspection companies, thereby has been confirmed that order registration goods

Transport International

Iran is corridor to crossing transit goods with strategic and special location for Central Asian countries, Afghanistan, Iraq and the neighboring countries. Partak Company has undertaken to carry your goods from all ports of Iran to the desired destination, With experienced staff in transportation affairs. Shipping services: Providing the container transport sea services, public goods, bulk and refrigerated, tanker and Chartering from southern ports to major porting and the Persian Gulf area and vice versa with strong forwarding activities.

Ground transportation: land and sea transportation services by truck and containers from ports to destinations in Europe and Central Asia, Iran and vice versa as carrier and forwarder.

Air transports: from different points in 5 continents to Iran and vice versa.

Transit: Transit of all internal and external customs and free trade zones by truck and train transportation * Include of stuffing and Streep executive (Logistics), reservation and coordinated and insurance.



Credit and currency


1-     Sending and receiving currency transfers

Partak trading company can send and receive remittances of foreign exchange in order to facilitate in your Business, to all parts of the world:

-   The wage of draft varies according to the destination account type.

- Approximate time for sending money orders Swift is 2 to 3 working days.

- For sending the Swift money orders, existence of Proforma Invoice is required.

-   Rial Equivalent of draft is introduced to account, after the receipt of bank and get the money, and deposited by the customer within 72 hours.

-  Currency drafts received after deduction of wage, the day rate is calculated on purchase orders and quantification of the customer's account is credited

* Western Union

Steps of sending Western Union draft:

 •  Complete Information application form Western Union remittances.

•  Payment to commercial accounts Partak

•  Sending the Receipt of the fund to currency unit

•  MTCN code will be sent to the applicant within a fraction of the time This Code sent to recipient of draft by the applicant sending in the country of destination)

* International payment cards (master card and visa card)

International payment cards make it possible for you to purchase millions of internet sites online such as Visa Card and Master Card easily.

2-  letter of credit 

* The opening of LC

Partak company has provided the possibility of opening LC, for all businessmen and companies through foreign banks in businesses, including exports and imports, letter of credit is international trade financial security.

Terms & Documents required for opening LC:

• Proforma Invoice of goods

• Certificate of Origin (if required)

• Compatibility destination Bank with Bank origin 

•  Pay the right of inspection of goods (if required)

• Pay the cost of primary opening LC

•  Pay at least 30% of the total supplemental Proforma invoice to the bank

After completing all the above steps and documents, LC opening takes place within maximum one-week and documents relating to the bank to surrender and then the documents will be sent by the bank to the bank of origin 

* Draft documents

If you fully trust that the seller delivers the goods, you can use the draft documents instead of opening LC, which usually takes place faster than LC.

Partak commercial company provides the opening of the draft documents of banks origin to country origin.




در پروسه طراحی سایت، همیشه این موضوع پیش می آید که در مرحله طراحی قالب و چینش صفحات، محتوای اصلی صفحات سایت آماده نیست. نتیجتاً نه طراح و نه کارفرما نمیتوانند دید مطلوبی از خروجی نهایی سایت داشته باشند.

در پروسه طراحی سایت، همیشه این موضوع پیش می آید که در مرحله طراحی قالب و چینش صفحات، محتوای اصلی صفحات سایت آماده نیست. نتیجتاً نه طراح و نه کارفرما نمیتوانند دید مطلوبی از خروجی نهایی سایت داشته باشند.

طراحان معمولاً برای طراحی، ابتدا از متن‌های آزمایشی و بی‌معنی استفاده می‌کنند تا صرفاً به مشتری یا صاحب کار خود نشان دهند که صفحه طراحی یا صفحه بندی شده بعد از اینکه متن در آن قرار گیرد چگونه به نظر می‌رسد و قلم‌ها و اندازه‌بندی‌ها چگونه در نظر گرفته شده‌است. از آنجایی که طراحان عموماً نویسنده متن نیستند و وظیفه رعایت حق تکثیر متون را ندارند و در همان حال کار آنها به نوعی وابسته به متن می‌باشد آنها با استفاده از محتویات ساختگی، صفحه گرافیکی خود را صفحه‌آرایی می‌کنند تا مرحله طراحی و صفحه‌بندی را به پایان برند.